tirsdag 2. juni 2009

Stock Trading and Stock Quote software 4 free - Huge post





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Stock Trading Software 4 Free


Trading software is used by day traders to place the entry and exit orders that make up their trades, and is often known as order entry software. Trading software displays the current (and sometimes most recent) prices for each market, and usually interfaces with charting software to provide a graphical view of the market.

Charting software is used by day traders to watch their markets, and is usually the piece of software that they use the most. Charting software displays the past and current market information (such as the prices, and the volume) in a graphical view.

Thanks for all support. Rapidshare works great, but not good enough.
I have now uploaded all trading software to the host Hotfile.com.
Made four mirrors and published two of them.

18dezo.jpgHotFile download folder:

Since my files have been deleted a lot of times, I will now Crypt them.
If this is not accepted, this post can be deleted forever.
All files are protected. 
Use CryptLoad from http://cryptload.info/download/ to "see" the files.
Download link:

The files is uploaded on Hotfile.
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Software inside the folders:
AbleTrend 7.0 EOD version 7.01.024
Advanced GET 9.02 RT
Advanced GET 9.1 EOD Dashboard Edition
Aiq Trading Expert 7.2
alle program som skal på forum.txt
AlphOmga Elliottwaves 5.5
AmiBroker Pro
ANNI Professional v3.22.2.0
BioComp Profit 7.0.217 Elite Edition
Cycle Trends Pro 4.0 Build 8.637
DeepInsight Pro 8.1
DeepInsight Pro 9.5 RT
Dynamic Trader v4
Dynamic Trader v5.0.84.131 Crack By Almomayaz2005
Dynamic Trader v5.0.84.84
eASCTrend 6.0
Elliott Wave Analizer 4.04
ELWAVE 7.1 Real-Time
ETS Dynatrend 2000
FCharts Pro v1.5.96e
FCharts SE v1.5.96e
Fibonacci Trader 4 R55
Fibonacci Trader 4.0.23
Gannalyst Professional
Gannalyst Professional 5.0
GeneXproTools 4.0.954 Enterprise Edition
Market Warrior 4.0.210
MarketDelta 9.0.13 RT
MetaStock 9.1 End Of Day
Morningstar EnCorr Portfolio Strategist v9.4 build 535
MTPredictor 3.8 RT
MTPredictor 5.090 EOD
MTPredictor 6.0 Build 156
MTPredictor v6.0 Build 152 Crack by Lz0
Multicharts 3.1.1353.400
Neuroshell Daytrader 5.3 Build 4
Neuroshell DayTrader Pro 5.0 (neuroshell.com)
NeuroSolutions v 5.04 developers
NinjaTrader Version 6.5.1000.4_7b0410c
Omnitrader 2008 EOD
OmniTrader Pro 2008
Omnitrader2007 RT
Optimal Trader v3.1.5
OTrader 4.1.18
Personal Portfolio Manager 7.0.8
PiaTeK Software PortfolioTK 1.25
PiaTeK Software QuotesTK Professional 1.16
Precision Trader Pro v4.0 build 540
PSMyTrade 2.1.6
på rapidshare 11.01.2008.txt
Refined Elliott Trader v1.10.6 with autoRET activated
Refined Elliott Trader v1.9.10
Refined Elliott Trader v1.9.15
Stockhelp Pro 2007 v3.8 Swedish
Timing Solution Advanced - Crack_By_Almomayaz2005
Tradecision 3.0.177
Tradeguider EOD
TraderXL Pro Package 6.1.15
TraderXL Pro Package 6.1.18
TradeStation 8.3 Build 1631
TradeStation 8.3 Build 1634
TradeStation 8.4 (Build 1688) + Patch By Almomayaz2005
TradeStation 8.4 Build 1674
Tradestation 8.4 build 1683
Tradestation 8.4 build 1688 Patch_By_Almomayaz2005
Tradestation 8.4 build 1693 (release date 12-29-08) by a51
TradeStation ProSuite 2000i Platinum SP5 Build 822
TradeTrakker v2.72.2854
Trading Blox Builder v2.0.5
Trading Solutions v4.0.060720
Vantage Point 7 (All Modules)
Wave 59 2.13
Wealth-Lab Developer v4.0.2
Wealth-Lab Pro 4.3.36
Wealth-Lab Pro 5.1